Large Realistic Blue Astronaut Spacesuit Hire

Large Realistic Blue Astronaut Spacesuit Hire

You want Space? We've got it!

We've been lucky enough to source a couple of fabulous Space suits from an opera company.

Amazingly detailed and realistic, there's a huge amount of work, imagination and attention to detail gone into these.

This blue suit is a thick padded material worn with a white hooped jumpsuit underneath.

The helmet is heavy and solid and has a huge visor which folds back into the suit

Various heavyweight buckles and straps and tubes add to the realistic feel, indeed, whilst trying on, we were asked twice by customers if they were real!

We've decided to give customers the option to rent these out rather than keep them to ourselves, although they NOT suitable for parties or fancy dress events as way too hot and heavy to dance in!

If you're interested in theatrical hire, video shoots or other prop use please get in touch. 

Basic prices start at £150 p/w

The suit here is worn by a 6ft guy with 40" waist, which is a maximum size I'd say. Will happily fit a smaller, lighter person.

The orange suit is smaller and would fit a slim man or a size 8/10 woman. 

No shoes/boots provided..


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