1970s Flared 3-Piece Suit

1970s Flared 3-Piece Suit

We've found a real gem with this 1970s 3-piece suit in a sophisticated sage green. It's all there, wide-leg trousers, 6 button waistcoat, and a single-breasted jacket with strikingly wide lapels.

It's designed as a mans suit, obviously but, as we often find with mens 70s vintage, it would only fit the skinniest of modern guys. Having said that, how amazing does it look on our model?!

The jacket boasts a bust/chest measurement of 38" and a length from nape to hem of 30", while the waistcoat offers a bust/chest measurement of 34". The trousers complete the ensemble with a waist measurement of 28" and an inside leg of 32".

All in remarkable condition, especially considering its vintage status. Finding a suit from this era in such excellent shape is a rare and exciting discovery.

You can make a real statement for £145 including UK postage


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